About Us

BattleGroundz Gaming Center is a tabletop game and eSports gaming center located in Lancaster California, in the middle of The BLVD across from the Lancaster Performing Arts Center. We opened in 2006 and have been located on The BLVD at our same location for a decade now. Our store features a large retail selection of tabletop games, expansions, cards, books, miniatures and accessories for most every type of tabletop based game. We also have a large gaming area to play various tabletop games and participate in daily events. BattleGroundz has more than 20 computer gaming systems (including 2 arcade cabinets with over 2000 classic titles) for casual game play, eSports gaming and competitive prize Tournaments. All of our PC gaming rigs feature high refresh rate 27″ LED monitors, 16Gb RAM and the newest Nvidia GTX 1050+ graphics cards. The atmosphere at BattleGroundz is a friendly mix of individuals from all walks of life that come together to share their appreciation for gaming. Everyone is welcome at BattleGrounds, where if it’s gaming, it’s happening at Battlegroundz!